Museum of eroticism

Museum of Eroticism is located in the district of Pigalle. An obvious location in the heart of what was once the heart of the debauchery and prostitution in Paris in the 19th century, nowadays an original mix between tourist hotspot and neighborhood filled with cabarets, bars today, sex shops and clubs of all kinds.

A fun and informative museum, which nevertheless broaches subjects still taboo: erotic art in the history of civilizations and the role of sexuality in our society.

On 7 floors, you will discover many artistic expressions of eroticism. Sculptures, paintings, furniture, photographs and videos, the diversity of media displayed reflects the importance of sexuality across cultures and the evolution of its representation.

Eroticism museum collections

You will see in the first rooms of the Museum of Eroticism a collection of sacred items from prehistory to present day from the 5 continents. Objects mainly collected from South America, Africa and India , civilizations for which representation of sexuality was anything but taboo!

Strolling through the rooms, you’ll then discover sexuality in popular art in more recent times, which some objects will free of guilt wildest fantasies of visitors… Another floor is dedicated to brothels (banned in France in 1946 ) and prostitution. An interesting room that has the merit of broaching a subject rarely exhibited.

Finally, the upper floors present temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists and private collections .

A museum that is more a Cabinet of curiosities than a real museum, but original if you want to discover unusual exhibitions in Paris.


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