boulangerie Véronique Mauclerc, Paris 19

Bakery Véronique Mauclerc

The 19th arrondissement of Paris is an area definitely full of surprises. If you walk in the surroundings of the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, from the unusual Butte Bergeyre to the Mouzaïa, make a gourmet stop at 83, rue de Crimée, at the bakery Véronique Mauclerc.

From the outside, a fairly typical window. However, it is inside you can see one of the last “Four à Gueulard” in Paris, which sits at the back of this bakery since the early 20th century (1904).

The “Four à Gueulard” is a traditional wood stove with semi-direct heating, that is to say that the hearth is separated from the cooking place. But let’s stop here the technical specifications… To appreciate this unusual object, go to the end of the bakery that has been, to our delight, kept open to visitors. You can admire the work of bakers whose manufacturing processes (bread-shaping, …) are also, traditional. You will actually find some tables where enjoy your meal while enjoying live bakers work.

As for the products, breads are obviously excellent (and incredibly diversified!), thanks to the wood stove and the flour used, only organic. Pastries and buns are tasty while baking, quite common, do not seem to be the specialty of the place.

Experience in all cases not to be missed if you love bread!


And to continue your unusual discovery of the district, do not forget to go after that at 93, rue de Crimée, where is one of the most amazing churches in Paris: the Orthodox Church Saint-Serge de Radonège.

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