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For Valentine’s day, Paris make public your love message

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panneau saint valentin paris

For the Valentine’s Day, February 14th, Paris make public your love messages, displayed on city’s information boards.

You have until February 9 to write a 160 characters message. Paris will then select the most romantic, funny or original one, and broadcast it on the 170 light boards throughout the February 14th.

The city of Paris also took advantage of this day dedicated to lovers for prevention, and install in partnership with Sida Info Service an information booth on 13 and 14 February at the Forum des Halles, from 10 am to 7pm (Place Carrée, Level – 3, Metro Châtelet).

Right your message here.


Messages broadcasted last year (in French)

saint valentin paris


saint valentin paris

Useful Informations

For Valentine's Day, declare your love in 160 characters. Paris may broadcast your message on one of the 170 boards in the city.

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