visites des quartiers de paris

Guided Tours

Un Jour de Plus à Paris also organizes guided tours. Walks that will introduce you to an original and out of the ordinary Paris. All the information about our visits.


(Français) Découvertes insolites au Père-Lachaise

(Français) Quelques idées de découvertes hors des sentiers battus dans ce véritable musée à ciel ouvert.

Fun facts about the Opera Garnier

A key monument of the capital full of anecdotes and stories.

The 17th century portal deserted in the heart of the Marais

A curiosity which attracts the eye of all passers-by.


Discovering the royal emblems of the Cour Carrée du Louvre

A stroll to discover the secrets of the royal palace.

Stroll in Charonne neighborhood (20th arrondissement)

Discover the charming old village of Charonne.

Walking Tour Grands Boulevards

From la Madeleine to République, a walk to discover the history of the Grands Boulevards and its hidden treasures.

Walking Tour French Revolution around Tuileries Gardens

From the palais Royal to the Place de la Concorde, a walk to discover many witnesses of the French Revolution.


selection expo a paris

Best current exhibitions

Only available in French



Why blue and red are the traditional colours of Paris ?

Coulours that tell a part of Paris and its history.

The extraordinary journey of the Obelisk of the Concorde

From Luxor to Paris, a journey of 9000 kilometers that lasted seven long years!

The little story of Butte Bergeyre, a village in the city

An unique place in Paris, whose history is closely linked to the popular past of the 19th arrondissement.

Rue de Chazelles (17th arrondissement) and the Statue of Liberty

Or the unknown story of the famous statue, built in Paris before crossing the Atlantic.


Bateaux-Mouches: the best boat trips along the Seine

All the information and booking online.

Where to drink spring water in Paris

A water drawn over 500 meters deep for more than a century !

Personal Shopper Puces de Saint-Ouen

An immersion in the Puce de Saint-Ouen, discovering its unique atmosphere and art galleries.

New contemporary architectures in Paris

Triangle Tower, Samaritan Courthouse … All new contemporary architecture projects in Paris.


Château de Versailles

Guide to plan your visit of the Palace of Versailles

Most beautiful medieval architectures in Paris

(Français) De magnifiques témoins de l’histoire de Paris. Un véritable voyage dans le temps.

Most beautiful modern churches to see in Paris

Symbols of development of the Catholic Church in the working-class districts during the 20th century.

La Fontaine des Quatre-Parties-du-Monde, l’une des plus belles fontaines de Paris

(Français) Une magnifique porte d’entrée sur le jardin du Luxembourg.


Nouvelle France garden

A beautiful small garden hidden behind the Grand Palais.

Remarkable trees of Paris

(Français) Une nature d’exception à découvrir lors de vos flâneries parisiennes.

Natural Garden

A pleasant little garden of wild plants characteristic of the natural environment of Île-de-France.

Parc de la Butte du Chapeau-Rouge

(Français) Un joli jardin méconnu et fleuri dans le 19e arrondissement de Paris.

L'incontournable des visites culturelles et touristiques à Paris. Balades, visites guidées, découvertes insolites… Visitez Paris autrement !