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Giving a second life to books, to all books, is a specificity of the banks of the Seine in Paris. For more than 400 years, all kinds of books, from pamphlets to great literary classics, have been sold, bought and traded around the river. Giving your books to a bookseller in Paris makes it possible to contribute to this unique heritage while offering them the guarantee of professional expertise.

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Whether it is to empty an apartment or simply empty a well-stocked library, do not hesitate to contact me! Above all, I’m looking for books on Paris, on history (regardless of the era) or literature, especially pretty bindings. Only one requirement: excellent condition. The bookseller is only a transmitter of knowledge, and the objects are destined to live for (very) many more years… Even centuries!

Illustrations, serigraphs, and all other images can also be recovered. If the gift is sought in priority, the purchase of lots is quite possible. The easiest way is to contact me to discuss it! 🙂

For any questions about donating or buying books:

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Vous devez vider un appartement ou souhaitez simplement faire de la place dans votre bibliothèque ? N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour le don ou le rachat de livres

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