Who are we ?

Un jour de plus à Paris (“Another day in Paris”)  is the first Paris tourist guide on the Internet. Its creation is the result of a simple question: is there a website on the Internet that brings not only cultural information but also that allows to  discover Paris in a comprehensive, professional and funny way? The answer came shortly after the question: unjourdeplusaparis.com What to visit in Paris? What to do to explore the city? Where can we go for a  walk to know a little better its  inhabitants? unjourdeplusaparis.com tends to answer these questions by giving advice and complete information. This site is intended as all visitors to the city of light as well as Parisians themselves, those who want to experience the city differently and those who are attracted by urban culture. Because Paris is obviously the Eiffel Tower, museums, romantic walks along the Seine. A heritage of incomparable riches…. But it is also unknown areas, a picturesque soul tinged of modernity, a city bursting with energy its inhabitants. Because a life is not enough to really know Paris, unjourdeplusaparis.com paces every day the sidewalks 2400km, visits museums, finds news for you to get the maximum,  and in all tranquility, your stay in Paris. Far from claiming to know Paris well, 1J2P is constantly discovering new Parisian secrets well hidden … to reveal you immediately. You’ll understand that the only purpose of this site is to make you discover Paris like a Parisian loves his daily life, animated by the fundamentals values of Tourism that are  the Sharing and Meeting

L'incontournable des visites culturelles et touristiques à Paris. Balades, visites guidées, découvertes insolites… Visitez Paris autrement !