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News, photo of yesterday, today or tomorrow, simple thing found on the Internet … A week in Paris summed up in images.


1. Who Sole My Ads

With his project Who stole my Ads, the Artist Etienne Lavie put masterpieces in place of public ads.

etienne lavie etienne lavie



2.  Saint-Valentin Boards

For Vzlentine’s day, Parisians claimed their love (in French)

papy mamy




3. Fake board

faux panneau 




4. Good Marketing for Valentine’s Day

Website Les Jolies Fleurs spread 1000 red boxes in Paris reminding the emergency boxes  “In case of Emergency, break glass”. Here, they have put a flower inside the bow with the message : “In case of love, break glass”.

saint valentin


[youtube VQygnWS7Ju4 nolink]



5. Jean Cocteau – Palais Royal

palais royal


Via Google+



6. Velib’ around the world


tour du monde





7. Portrait 

“Premiers métros” is Tumblr that meet people who take the first metro, at 5.30 am.





8. New Line 15 

Works of the new metro Line 15, surrounding Paris, will start in 2015.

grand paris




9. Arc de Triomphe



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