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4000 anonymous faces in the Pantheon

oeuvre jr paris

While the Pantheon began colossal work that will be spread over a decade, the Centre des Monuments Nationaux has chosen the contemporary artist JR to mask constructions with contemporary works.

Inaugurated on June 3 and accessible to the public, the work of JR has put 4,000 anonymous face in this monument, that honors the greatest personalities in the history of France. A project that embodies the universal value of the Pantheon. 

If you can see thousands of faces in the inner parts of the monument until October 5th, the dome, Parisian symbol perched at the top of the Montagne Sainte-Geneviève and visible throughout the capital, is most likely the most spectaulart pice of the work of art  ( until the end of the works) .


interieur du pantheon

oeuvre jr

oeuvre jr visages paris pantheon

oeuvre jr

oeuvre jr paris

Estimated steps of renovation : 

Step 1: Restoration of upper parts / 2013-2015

Step 2: the peristyle / from 2015

Step 3: arches, brackets and interior walls / from 2017

Step 4: Exterior Cladding / from 2020

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