The Catacombs

Hearing the word of Catacombs, the visitor may turn pale and search for another place to visit. That would be a pity! Indeed, if the Catacombs can seem to be a strange place, they are also worth the visit. Initially, the underground galleries were not aimed at hosting the thousands of bones that decorate it today. There were previously located the Paris former quarries, from where the stones were extracted in order to build the city.

You will admire some sculptures made by quarrymen during the 18th century (as the gallery of Port-Mahon) or a well today used as a footbath. Moreover, the quarries cover a much wider network than the one you will be visiting … All the bones you will see come from ancient cemeteries, and were transferred here during the 18th century for sanitary reasons. The crypts you will go through during your visit were designed to strictly respect the ceremonies taking place during the transfers.

Naturally, all the way is filled with tibias, skulls and all kinds of bones: it gives to the place a unique atmosphere! You will discover, all along the 800 meters gallery, more than 6 millions bones, split into several categories. But don’t believe it is a mess in there; everything is perfectly in order, accurate to the millimetre. That is what makes the place so solemn.

An unusual visit, not to be missed, unless you are claustrophobic …  

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