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Bercy Park

Jardin du 12e arrondissement de Paris

The park of Bercy, unknown from most of the Parisians, is a creation of the nineties, drawn according to a modern layout. Unlike the other large parks of the Capital, which are privileged places for idleness, this one was designed as an extensive walking area within a natural environment. Located on the position of former warehouses meant for wine trade, the park of Bercy proposes a pleasant ballad through a great variety of theme gardens.

There, you will find more than four hundred vine plants, giving every year a cuvée of several hundreds of litres. Paris used to be one of the greatest vineyards in Europe, but had to considerably reduce the parcels dedicated to growing grapes, due to rapid urbanization. Nowadays, only a few remain, and Bercy is one of them. You can also visit the rose garden, the kitchen garden or the aromatic garden … an exquisite alternative to the close tumult of city life!

In addition to the flower-beds, you can enjoy the large squares of lawn (on the side of Palais Omnisports) as well as the pedestrian terrace offering a nice walk along the Seine. If you liked the theme gardens, then you can head for the end of the park, following the footbridge located behind the big visible stairs. Thanks to its rural house, its uneven terrain and its small lake hosting a surprising fauna, this area will definitely make you forget the stress of the city. If you look hard enough, you will find quiet benches to relax in complete peace.  


Useful Informations

128 quai de Bercy

75012 PARIS
Other access : rue Paul-Belmondo, rue Joseph-Kessel, rue de l'Ambroisie, rue François-Truffaut, rue de Cognac, rue de Pommard

Metro : Cour Saint-Emilion (L 14)

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