National Museum of Sport

Very close to the Ministry of Sports, The National Museum of Sports is in the modern 13th arrondissement of Paris, not a very touristic area… There’s only workers there on day and not so many things to do at night. So if you come to visit the Museum, do not plan to stroll the surroundings, except Bercy Park, a lovely greenery.

The museum doesn’t have the most impressive collection of Paris. But if you are interested in sports, or just curious, you’ll have a good time, all the more since you can visit it fastly (30mn). You will find, amongst other things, a collection of clothes worn by French sportsmen since the beginning of the 20th century, or sport accessories as the first tennis rackets or the first bobsleighs. You will obviously discover other funny pieces we won’t name in order to preserve the few curiosities displayed…

Besides permanent collection, the National Museum of Sport also organizes temporary exhibitions, that are most of time pretty interesting.


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Guided Tours

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