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Promenade Pereire

jardin réservé aux élèves des écoles du 17e arrrondissement de Paris

La promenade Pereireis a good way to visit the part of the 17th district between Porte Maillot and Place du Maréchal Juin (Métro Pereire – ligne 3).

If the walk can be done in both directions, you will be surprised to begin it Porte Maillot. Indeed, we don’t expect to find, few steps from this bustling place, isolated patches of vegetation…

You will find during your walk several different public gardens making “la Promenade Pereire” a very nice place to stroll around.

Over about one kilometre, your will have the feeling to discover gate after gate a new green place. Playing areas, rosebushes, benches covered by pergola over which flowers are climbing up… There is promenade Pereire a place for everyone’s taste, wether you like walking or just reading in a quiet green area.

Also notice that those public gardens are generally unknown by tourists and Parisian (unlike the Promenade Plantée in the 12th arrondissement), what makes it above all a stopping place for workers and residents of the ara. Promenade Pereire is so, in addition to a nice walk, a pleasant way to discover this part of 17th district neighbourhood.

Note at least that the walk has been created in 1889 to cover former railways. As for the name “Pereire”, it refers to Pereire Brothers, important French bankers and members of Parliament of the 19th century, who have contributed to the development of the 17th arrondissement (see Monceau park and Walking Tour of the 17th arrondissement for further informations).



Do not miss


– The kitchen garden at the corner of rue Guersant and boulevard Pereire.


– The part of the walk dedicated to rollers (between rues Lebon and rue Bayen)


– The building were Sarah Bernhard died, 56 boulevard Pereire

Useful Informations

Promenade Pereire
Boulevard Pereire 75017 Paris
Access Porte Maillot (L 1), Pereire (L 3), Neuilly Porte Maillot (RER C)

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