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Paris 2015 : A year in Pitcures

Paris. 2015. A year that the capital, if it had the choice, would have probably avoided, affected by two tragic terrorist attacks. Despite that, 2015 in Paris was also a year of art, heat, aperitifs on the canal Saint-Martin, invisible eclipse, parkour, laugh, and tears .

January A man holds a giant pencil as he takes part in a Hundreds of thousands of French citizens solidarity march (Marche Republicaine) in the streets of Paris paris est charlie manifestations

January 2015, Paris is “Charlie”.

On January 14, 2015, The Philharmonie de Paris is inaugurated. A new cultural institution in Paris, dedicated to chamber orchestras, jazz and world music.


eclipse paris mars 2015

In March 2015, Paris waits for glasses offered by the City Hall to see the eclipse. Unfortunately, nobody saw nothing because of clouds and grayness…

Desert in Paris Desert in Paris Desert in Paris Desert in Paris

Photographer Genaro Bardy published a serie taken on December 24, 2014, a perfect day to see Paris streets emptied of its inhabitants. Or what would look like a ghost Paris.


In an amazing video, SamUltima (parkour specialist) published a ride on the roofs of Paris. Do not look if you suffer vertigo …


cadenas damour pont des arts cadenas damour pont des arts photo

Monday, 1 June 2015. For security reasons, the famous “love padlocks” are removed from the Pont des Arts. Or when love ends up in the Paris City Hall dustbins .


apero canal juillet 2015 apero canal juillet 2015 photo

July 2015. It is hot in Paris. Very hot … and discovers the world (if we had to discover) that Paris is not the cleanest when it comes to clean up after an open-air aperitif.


safari-projection-urbaine-paris-09-1280x854 safari-projection-urbaine-paris-13-1280x854 safari-projection-urbaine-paris-15-1280x854

The artist Julien Nonnon was projected on the facades of the capital at night lookes drawings of animals “Parisian”. A lavish Urban Safari.

Sophie Robichon/Mairie de Paris
Sophie Robichon/Mairie de Paris

September 27, Parisians enjoyed a (almost) car-free day.



On Instagram, Paperboyo, who plays with paper to transform monuments, stops in Paris. The opportunity to discover the Arc de Triomphe from a different angle.

le printemps carrelage carrelage rue victor masse 75009 carrelage rue du louvre 75001 carrelage rue de castiglione

We also discover Parisien Floors, which captures the most beautiful tiles, mosaics and motifs of Paris. 


marche enfants rouges

Created in November 1615, the Marché des Enfants Rouges (3rd district) Party 400 years. One of the most beautiful markets in Paris.

tour eiffel drapeau francais

November 13th, Paris is still under attack. Following the exceptional surge of solidarity around the world, where monuments have sported the colors of the French flag, the Eiffel Tower was illuminated in turn the colors of the nation.


temps marche plan metro paris

Good idea. Guillaume Martinetti had the idea to make a map of the Paris metro with the route between each station by foot. 

Happy New Yeat !

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A year of art, heat, invisible eclipse, urban safari, laught, and tears.

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