Walk in La Mouzaïa (or “quartier d’Amérique”)


La Mouzaïa, in the 19th district, is a bit of countryside in Paris, an unusual neighbourhood that will offer you a nice walk through ‘Villas”, those pedestrian and paved paths bordered by pretty houses where lived quarrymen in the 19th century.

Note that the district is built as a maze hard to mark with an exact itinerary. The walk you will find below first and foremoste gives you the main infomations you need for a great discover of Paris.

(It is said that La Mouzaïa is also Called “Quartier d’Amérique” – America’s district – because the gypsum extracted from the quarry was sent to America. A legend denied by Paris, as you can see on a sign at the boulevard David-d’Angers and place Rhin-et-Danube corner…)


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  •  The walk starts at Metro Botzaris stop (L 7bis). Go to rue de Mouzaïa, main street of the area. You already see Villas on both sides of the street. Stroll where the mood takes you.


  • One villa, on the ride side of rue de Mouzaïa attracts attention : la Villa des Lilas. Its quiet atmosphere, the path full of fowers and the string of houses are very surprising.



  • Turn then left onto rue de l’Egalité. You are entering the Mouzaïa “Village”. Once again on both sides of this street are Villas in which you can stroll around. Villa Alexandre-Ribot, with its red, white and blue bricks fronts, is delightful.


  • At the end of rue de l’Egalité, on your left, don’t miss Villa Lorraine.


  • Go straight ahead rue de la Liberté, and go towards rue du Général Brunet by one of the Villa on the right side of the street (Villa Amalia, Fontenay ou Marceau).


  • Turn right and go to Hameau du Danube. A bit of countryside in Paris…


  • Go then to rue Miguel Hidalgo by the villas you meet (Boers, Cronstadt, d’Hauterive). This charming street once again call to


End of the walk.
If you want to discover another unknown village of Paris, go to the Butte Bergeyre, also nearby the Buttes-Chaumont Park.

Useful Informations

Métro Botzaris (L 7bis)

About 1.5km walking

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