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Save up to 50% off – tickets theatre paris

  • Reduced rate for theatre, cabaret and “café-théâtre”

In Paris, you can purchase half-price tickets for theatre, cabaret and “café-théâtre” in 3 places called the “kiosques théâtres” that sell tickets only the day of the show. On week-end, to avoid huge queue and to be sure to find tickets, come early to a kiosk.


  • La Comédie Française

The kiosks do not sell tickets for the “Comédie Française”. But if you are on a bit of a budget, you can find tickets for only 5€ one hour before each show. The seats are reduced visibility, but it is really worth if you want to discover this beautiful theatre. A1lso note that every first Monday of th month, tickets are free if you are under 28 years old.

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