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Paris’ best museums for kids

Find out below the best museums of Paris for kids.


The real advantage of this museum are the conferences/ workshops that are held all day long by lecturers. From biology to mathematics, to chemistry, a lot of subjects are being treated, much to the delight of children for who most of the workshops are absolutely appropriate (from 5/6 years on, entry to the planetarium is prohibited to less than 6 years old). 

This museum, which identifies the biggest technical and technological inventions since the 17th century, will most certainly please your children thanks to a lot of models and some educational workshops especially arranged for children.

It is the Mecca of all museums for children. On the first floor, the children’s Cité is split in two parts: one for children from 2 to 7 years, the other one for children aged 5 to 12. Just forget about your role as a parent, here, the children get to decide! On the 2nd and 3rd floor, the museum is fitted for children from 6/7 years on. 

This museum, which presents the history of musical instruments in Europe since the 17th century, will most certainly please you children from 6/7 years on with an audio guide especially made for them. Music is timeless, and there is therefore no age to enjoy it! The museum also offers workshops of musical practice and initiation, from 3 years on.

A great collection of animals from all continents. Fishes, Whales, a gigantic copy reproduction of the African fauna… All in all, the Grand Gallery of Evolution has it all for children!

In the 1st arrondissement, “le Musée en Herbe” welcomes kids from 3 years old and presents exhibits, events and workshops. It is run by and association and is an ideal alternative to make discover your kids all types of arts. Reservation recommended.


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