26 vintage Photos of Paris

Neurdein brothers

A man fishing on the banks of the Seine; Ménilmontant and its cobblestones; the Halles market overflowing with produce and sellers of all kinds. Many photos of vintage Paris in the early 20th century, can be found in an extraordinary Tumblr: Chamade-Vintage French Photos. 

Pictures that are a real trip back in time to explore the streets of Paris between 1900 and 1960. Opportunity also for who knows the city, make some comparisons with Paris today. Big names like Ronis, Doisneau, Boubat but photos rarely seen before.

pierre jahan

Pierre Jahan – rue de Bagnolet 1947

Neurdein brothers

Avenue Foch (ancienne Avenue du Bois de Boulogne) – Neurdein brothers – Circa 1900


Cats on the Roff, 1954 – Robert Doisneau

champs elysees 1910

Champs-Élysées, 1910

ponts de Paris

Ponts de Paris, 1954, Ernst Haas

pont alexandre III

Exposition Internationale de 1937, Pont Alexandre III

Marshall Hirsh

Les Halles, 1950 – Marshall Hirsh


Marchande de Fleurs des Halles, 1968 – Robert Doisneau

édouard boubat

Ménilmontant, 1956 – Édouard Boubat

willy ronis

Métro aérien, 1939 – Willy Ronis

Janine Niepce

Métro, 1950 – Janine Niepce

vieux paris

Montmartre, 1957 – Inge Morath

Kees Scherer

Pêche au bord de Seine, 1956 – Kees Scherer

pied de cochon 1955

Au Pied de Cochon, 1955

René Jacques

Place du Tertre, 1947 – René Jacques


Pont Neuf, 1930 –


Quai de Seine, 1954

John Sadovy

Quai de Seine, John Savody

paris 1900

Rue de Bièvre, Paris Circa 1900

belleville willy ronis

Rue de Crimée – Willy Ronis

rue tholoze

Rue Tholoze, Montmartre

marcel bovis

Tour Eiffel, 1954 – Marcel Bovis

le marais

Le Marais

porte saint denis 1900

Porte Saint-Denis 1900

Dorothy Bohm 1970

Rue du Temple, 1900 – Dorothy Bohm

Noël Le Boyer

Passage des Panoramas, 1940 – Noël Le Boyer


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