Petite ceinture du 15e

Garden “la Petite Ceinture du 15e”

Built during the Second Empire (1852-1869), the « Petite Ceinture » line (« little ring road ») is an ancient 32km long railroad around Paris. Devoted to passenger and freight transportation, it had been gradually abandoned with the advent of the Paris metro (created in 1900) only used then for haulage before being permanently left in the late 90’s.

Since , the « Petite Ceinture » looks like an open-air wasteland, offering to some parts of the capital unusual landscapes. Generally closed to the public, certain parts of this old railway are now converted into public garden, as the path can find in the 15th arrondissement.

A few steps from the beautiful Parc Georges Brassens, the railway in the 15th arrondissement has become a green space freely accessible to the public. If the walk is today only one kilometer long, works are in progress to extend it as far as the André Citroën park. A very pleasant green itinerary  between two of the greatest gardens of south Paris!

Abandoned for several decades, the Petite Ceinture » paths are nowadays unique urban places of nature and biodiversity. Indeed, since the cessation of human activity, routes have been taken over by plentiful wild nature (edge, slope, afforestation), also favoring fauna’s reproduction.

Surrounded by the landscape of the city but maintained its ongoing tumult, this green space in the 15th arrondissement offers an only moment where nature prevails. A rare opportunity in Paris…

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