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Belleville Park

photo parc belleville

At the heart of the hill of Belleville, Belleville Park offers one of the best views of Paris. An unknown panorama you can enjoy almost alone.

Unlike other Parisian parks created during Haussmann work, the Parc de Belleville is a modern building (1988), and one of the finest construction of the past 30 years.

The leveled construction of Belleville park recalls the wine history of this hill that housed until the 19th century many vineyards, and where Parisians came to drink the Ginguet, wine that later gave its name to the Guinguettes, popular Parisian cabarets. You can see rue Piat a vineyard planted here in 1992.

Below the panoramic terrace is the “Maison de l’Air (Air House), where you can find a permanent exhibition about air and environmental role, and a large lawn open to the public. Further down, the garden offer different sceneries and even a waterfall that led to a sunken water garden. Another symbol of the old Belleville that have supplied water to the east of Paris for five centuries…

For nature lovers, you will find the Parc de Belleville nearly 400 trees, including lime, apple trees, maple, ash trees or most original species such as Judas tree.

A beautiful park, which is also an opportunity to (re) discover the districts of Belleville and Ménilmontant, mixed and cosmopolitan area which have preserved, despite many modifications, its village atmosphere of yesteryear.

Useful Informations

Parc de Belleville 75020 Paris

Métro :
Pyrénées (L 11) or Couronnes (L 2)

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