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Montsouris Park

lac central

 This park in the southern part of the city isn’t very popular neither among tourists, nor among Parisians… It is nevertheless one of the city’s nicest parks. You will find anything here to spend a good time, and only the surrounding buildings and the noise of the RER (suburban train) passing through the park will remind you of the city life just a few meters away.

Montsouris (English: mouse hill. The name comes from all the rodents living in that area when the park was built), is a big place of greenery (more than 15 ha), which is above all a perfect place for a walk. But you can nonetheless also do all usual activities you do in a park, as imitating Parisian women by taking a sunbath in your swimsuit as soon as the sun comes out, or have a nice, lonesome rest on one of the large lawns.

You can furthermore discover several hundreds of trees at Montsouris, as plane trees, cedars or beech trees as well as a multitude of bird species living in their leaves. As for the kids, they will without any doubt have a lot of fun with the ducks of the central lake, who are always very popular with the youth.

 Finally, having a picnic at Montsouris park is an ideal activity. The best places are the small pieces of land near the lake.  

After your visit, to go to the Cité Internationale Universitaire, in front of Montsouris park. If you want to discover the neighborhood, see the walking tour from Montsouris to the Butte aux Cailles.

Useful Informations

2, rue Gazan
75014 PARIS

Tram : Cité Universitaire (T 3)
RER B : Cité Universitaire

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