Maurice Gardette Garden

Quiet public garden of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, Square Maurice Gardette is both a chill out place and a pleasant greenery where you can discover full of species of trees and flowers that abound in. Wherever you come from, the garden can’t be missed : indeed, although middle-sized (9853 m²), you will see from far the huge trees suurrounding the park making it an isolated and verdant place.

Hollyhocks, asters, iris, Siberian elm, sycamore, chestnut from India, silver birch, catalpa, fontanesia, sweetgum, magnolia, pine, giant sequoia… flora lovers will be satisfied there ! The other will merely appreciate the sweet scents perfuming the paths. You will also discover inside the garden a bronze statue made by Jacques perrin, named « Le Botteleur » (“the straw gatherer”) and a pretty music kiosk, a typical parisian booth you only find in public gardens.

The only regret is the lack of accessible lawns… To offset it, the garden offers a lot of facilities (sandpit, playground, bike and rollerblading trail, table tennis) and a free wifi access.

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