entrée du jardin

Récamier public garden


Strolling around Sèvres-Babylone neighborhood, chic and bourgeois area of the 7th district, we don’t expect to find a green space favorable for reading beneath tree shadow. Don’t believe it! At the end of rue Récamier, a few steps from the Bon Marché, Récamier is as peaceful and romantic public garden as can be.

entrée du jardin

Tiny waterfall, slightly undulated architecture, fig trees, beech… it is perfect for lovers seeking quietness. Moreover, up above stairs at your right hand entering the garden, you will find benches which seem to have been put here especially for them. But do not expect to find lawns here, this public garden is just 1000m² square.  You will nevertheless find a small play area for children.



petit jardin isolé

For the story, this garden was the favorite stopping place of the famous French writer and politician Chateaubriand, who came here with his friend Madame Rècamier. The garden’s name has changed in 2008 to become “Roger Stephane”, but Récamier still remains. 


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