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biodiversite paris

Under the Second Empire (dates) , the major work of Baron Haussmann have deepluy changed Paris . Among the major developments of this time is the  “Petite Ceinure ” (Little Ring road), old  32km train track around Paris.

Built between 1852 and 1869 , it carried goods and passengers until 1934 , then will be gradually abandoned, replaced by the Paris metro and the set-up of a new public transport network.

While nowadays sections of the railway are connected to the existing network (RER, SNCF) or simply remain disused , others have been converted into unique green spaces in Paris.

Discover these lovely walks that combine biological richness , history, and unusual visit.



Le Sentier nature (Nature Trail) , 16th arrondissement

 jardin sur l'ancienne voie d'auteuil


Formerly called « Auteuil line », this section is the only one of the Petite Ceinture to have worked until 1985. Abandoned by human activity , this trail was quickly colonized by abundant vegetation that has been turned into an ecological passageway that can be freely strolled .

1,2 kilometer long, the Sentier Nature goes from Porte d’Auteuil to La Muette (16th arrondissement). Punctuated by “natural steps” , you will discover an amazing biodiversity , which we do not expect to find in this part of Paris ! Meadow , wetland, it is a mosaic of various landscapes (trees, shrubs , ferns ) where many animal species live ( birds, insects and butterflies) .

Undoubtedly one of the most amazing places in Paris .



Petite Ceinture 15th arrondissement


Through the 15th arrondissement , this old track formerly served Citroën Factories (now Parc André Citroën ) and Vaugirard slaughterhouses (now Parc Georges Brassens )

With its railroad tracks , former stations and air lifts, the Petite Ceinture du 15e is a charming historic place with appearences of wasteland… Opened in summer 2013 , it offers a stroll that alternates between urban landscape and wilderness. Unusual panoramas for an original green walk !

Converted in accordance with the biological requirements, the Petite Ceinture du 15e holds a rich and important biodiversity that must be preserved .



Petite Ceinture 12th arrondissement


Only 300 meters long , this path is rather to discover in addition to the Coulee Verte.

Located at the end of the square Charles Peguy ( 21 rue Rottembourg ) , this area of ​​the former train track has a shared garden and a nature trail . 200 m long , this one enable to discover city’s biodiversity through three steps devoted to grassland, thicket and afforestation.

Useful Informations

Sentier Nature : access in front of 77 boulevard de Montmorency

Petite Ceinture du 15e : access in front of 99 rue Olivier de Serres

Petite Ceinture du 12e : access 21, rue Rottembourg


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