La Cave du 38’Riv

jam session cave du 38 riv

If you want to listen to Jazz music in Paris, you can of course go to rue des Lombards, but some other places, scattered here and there around Paris, have also kept the spirit that made Paris one of the world’s capitals for this music during the second half of the 20th century.

Among these clubs, you will find the Cave du 38’Riv at Rivoli Street. It is a place that exudes Jazz, for not being able to sweat it any more, as back then, in a crazy atmosphere with a haze of cigarette smoke.

In the basement, you can listen to concerts under old stone vaults. The setting is narrow, intimist, but welcoming. Because even though Jazz music has become a music for bourgeois salons over the years, the Cave du 38’Riv hasn’t forgotten it’s popular origins and therefore offers every Monday, Thursday and Friday nights Jam Sessions.

During these Jam Sessions, you will see different musicians coming up one after the other, interchanging instruments as they want along the pieces played. The entry to these sessions is free, and you will have to pay a (little) participation for your first drink.

Another great advantage of the Cave du 38’Riv are the very reasonable prices for drinks (between 2,5€ and 7€), far from the prohibitive prices you will find in other Parisian clubs!

On the other days of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) the Cave organizes paying concerts with a very eclectic programming.

Finally, on Sundays, you can attend the « Baroque Teas », baroque and classical concerts at snack time (5 p.m.)

Useful Informations

La Cave du 38'Riv
38 rue de Rivoli 75004 Paris

Jam Sessions Monday, Thursday, Friday
Concerts Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Baroque TeaSunday.


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