Street Art in Paris

Present for several decades in Paris, Street Art has acquired real artistic legitimacy since few years, thanks to artists who have placed their works in art galleries.

But it is on the walls or playing with street furniture that Street Art makes sense. A contemporary art that some still continue to decry, but nowadays settled as a unavoidable urban way of expressing. 

Discover all forms of street art that can be seen today in the streets of Paris.

Space Invaders

Incognito, and often on inaccessible places, Invader sows all over Paris its small mosaics in tribute to the famous video game of the late 70s : Space Invaders. An artist who is well named!

street art space invaders paris France, Paris - Street Art, Space Invader close up street art paris space invaders


You can also see small masks made by Gregos – Street Artist born in the northern suburbs of Paris. Laughing or mocking masks that are replicas of the face of the artist, exhibiting his momentary feelings to the public.

street art paris gregos street art paris space gregos

street art paris


Jérôme Mesnager 

Jérôme Mesnager is one of the first street painters in Paris, which has reproduced its “White Man” – symbol of peace, light and freedom – all over the world, from the capital to the Chinese Wall.

In Paris, the White Man is a Ménilmontant friend.

street art paris jerome mesnager menilmontant

street art paris jerome mesnager


Jef Aérosol

Undoubtedly one of the most famous Street Art works in Paris, installed since 2011 on the place Igor-Stravinsky. A 350 m2 self-portrait called “Chuuuttt!”, made in only 4 days.

place igor stravinsky



At the North of the 18th arrondissement, Mosko adds color and life to this popular and forgotten area, painting animals of the savannah.

France, Paris- Street Art Mosco Zebras


Mosko also do many collaborations, signed Mosko & Associés.

street art paris space mosko et associes


Fred le Chevalier

You will also find all over Paris  black and white characters signed Fred Le Chevalier.

street art fred le chevalier street art paris fred le chevalier

Fred le Chevalier


A new generation also to emerge in the streets. One of the best examples is Levalet, an artist who plays with fun with the city.

street art paris levalet street art paris space levalet 1 street art paris levalet 1Levalet 


There is also the mesmerizing Vinie, whose frescoes cover above all squats and abandoned places in the Paris suburbs, but that you can find in the Gare d’Austerlitz (first photo).

street art paris

vinie street art paris


All the other !

And then there are all the others, more or less known but worth your attention if you cross them at a street corner!

street art paris street art rue pelican paris street art paris papier France, Paris - street art and graffiti


To continue Street Art discovering, also see rue Dénoyez, Belleville.

Useful Informations

Miss. Tic, Mosko, Jérôme Mesnager, Levalet and many others : Historic Parisian Street Art artists and new talent to discover in your walks in Paris.


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