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10 exhibitions not to miss in 2015

expo paris petit palais

From a cultural point of view, 2015 in Paris promises to be very rich with new exceptional exhibitions, some of which will present for the first time genius artists, like the one dedicated to Velazquez, who will be held at the Grand Palais.

Music, painting, drawing, photography or contemporary art, find out 10 exhibitions not to miss in Paris in 2015.

selection expo a paris

1. Des(T/s)ins de guerre (War Fate), Musée Zadkine  (13 February – 14 June 2015)


Some sixty compositions made by Zadkine during the First World War and never displayed until now, will show a different side of this brilliant sculptor. And another opportunity to stroll its sumptuous workshop in the 6th arrondissement

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2. Velazquez, Grand Palais (25 March – 13 July 2015)

expo grand palais

The first monograph in France on this genius, most famous painters of the Spanish Golden Age. which main part of the collection the Prado Museum in Madrid. An exhibition that will be a dialogue with many artists he knew or admired.

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3. La Rome du vice et de la misère (Rome of Vice and Poverty). Petit Palais (24 February – 24 May 2015)

expo paris petit palais

Behind the magnificent image Rome, the Petit Palais invites us to discover what was hidden from view : vices, misery and excesses in the early seventeenth century, themes that inspired a lot of Italian and international artists.

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4. Qui a peur des femmes photographes ? (Who is afraid by Photograph women ?), Musée d’Orsay (14 October – 25 January 2016)


Women’s contribution to photography reassessed by numerous studies made both in Europe and in the US, will be the theme of a simultaneous exhibition at the Orsay museum and the Orangerie.

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5. Le Bord des Mondes (The Edge of the Worlds), Palais de Tokyo (18 February – 17 May 2015)

palais de tokyo

Can one make works that are not “art”? This is pondering with Duchamp on the essence of creation and its territories that the exhibition invites to stride along forbidden paths between artistic creation and creative invention.

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6. The Inca and the Conquistador, Quai Branly (23 June – 20 September 2015)


Two men, one ambition. Through the portraits of the Inca Atahualpa and the conquistador Francisco Pizarro, the exhibition recount the important moments of the conquest of the Inca Empire, directing the meeting of two worlds at the edge of their destiny.

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7. David Bowie is, Philharmonie de Paris 

(3 March – 31 May 2015)


The Philharmonie de Paris, for its opening, dedicated its first exhibition at David Bowie. Presented at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London in 2013 with great success, the exhibition will be showed in a slightly revised version in Paris.

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8. “Piaf”, Bibliothèque François Mitterrand (14 April – 23 August 2015)


Through pieces from its collection, the BNF takes us into the construction of the “Piaf legend”, from its beginnings to the present day, supported by a collection of letters, sound recordings, posters, photographs, magazines and objects.



9. Napoléon and Paris, A capital for Europe, Musée Carnavalet  (8 avril – 30 août 2015)


Main theater policy of the Napoleonic era, Paris was also a major concern of Napoleon. The purpose of this exhibition is to illustrate the complex relations between Napoleon Bonaparte and the capital, from his youth until his second abdication.

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10. prostitution en France (1850-1910), musée d’Orsay (22 september – 20 January 2016)

expos 2015 paris

First major event dedicated to the theme of prostitution, this exhibition attempts to count how the French and foreign artists, fascinated by the players and famous places, have sought new pictorial means to represent reality and fantasies of this “underworld”.

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Music, painting, drawing, photography or contemporary art, Paris promises to be very rich in 2015 with new exceptional exhibitions.


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