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Unusual tour guide of the Louvre museum

With its thousands of works on display, its masterpieces scattered on both sides of the museum and its centuries-old history, the Louvre museum is a must-see in Paris. But it is not always easy to prepare for your visit, and the risk is sometimes to miss out on wonderful discoveries. To help you prepare for your visit, this unusual visit guide to the Louvre will allow you to understand the museum as a whole, discovering the greatest works of the Louvre, but also little-known masterpieces.

A guide who goes beyond the museum and its collections, who will also introduce you to the history of the palace and its architecture. And some unusual anecdotes. A complete guide to discovering the Louvre differently!

Before the visit

What is the origin of the name of the Louvre?

As much to say it immediately, there is no certain etymology of the Louvre. While several hypotheses exist, one thing is certain: the district where the museum is located today has been known to Parisians for a very long time! Land of a wolf, watchtower or monumental work? Discover the different hypotheses of the origin of the name Le Louvre.

The Louvre in 10 funny facts

The largest museum in the world, the Louvre is full of unusual stories. To prepare for your visit, discover 10 anecdotes about the Louvre museum.

The unusual architectural detail

Before entering the museum, head to the Place du Carrousel and look towards the Lesdiguières pavilion, where the large openings that give access to the Seine are located. Can’t see anything in particular? It’s normal. An unusual detail, and invisible when you don’t know it, is at the top of the pavilion. Discover the quirky story of the quirkiness of the Louvre that no one notices.

During the visit

The masterpieces of the Louvre

Impossible to visit the Louvre museum without seeing some of its masterpieces. But any work, as beautiful as it is, deserves to know its history in order to understand all its beauty.

Discover the tumultuous history of the Mona Lisa
Discover the unusual story of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, arriving in Paris in a puzzle
Discover the revolutionary story of Freedom Leading the People

The works of the Louvre with an unusual history

In addition to the most famous works, the Louvre museum offers thousands of works that also deserve your attention. Works that are an integral part of the history of art, and contribute to the international influence of the museum.

Discover the history of the Lady of Auxerre (c. 630 BC, dedalic style)
Discover the unusual story of a little-known canvas, The interior of a kitchen, which would have been made with a pigment from the royal heart!

After the visit

Discovering the architecture of the Louvre

Once the museum visit is over, set off to explore the palace. A former medieval fortress transformed into a royal residence, the history of the Louvre merges with the history of France. Don’t miss the Cour Carrée, started in the 16th century, and discover the architecture of the Louvre and its history through the centuries.

See our outdoor walk to discover the Louvre and its architecture.
Pau known to the general public, also discover the Colonnade of the Louvre and its history, masterpiece of Louis XIV, symbol, with the Hôtel des Invalides and the Palace of Versailles of the triumph of French classicism.

Opposite the Colonnade, on the Tuileries Garden side, do not miss the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, erected under Napoleon I, the last vestige of the Tuileries Palace, which disappeared in 1871.

After all these discoveries, the Louvre will have no more secrets for you!

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