parc zoologique paris

Vincennes Zoo reopens !

Whether we like or not zoos, the reopening of the “Zoo de Vincennes”, after 5 years of work, is a real event. Depending on the National Museum of Natural History, that we must now call the Zoological Park of Paris wants to be a place of discovery and learning, not to be confused with a theme park.

parc zoologique paris

It is far indeed the time where you could enjoy a lion in few square meters cage. And happily. Each of the 180 species represented enjoys living conditions that are closer to their natural habitat.

“These are not animals that are shown to Humans, but Humans who are invited to discover the animals” explained by the way to The Figaro the director of the Zoo Ferreira Sophie Le Morvan Park.

A park in tune with the times, so. And a place whose goal is make people sensitive to nature conservation, and give scientific knowledge.

parc zoologique paris

Guyanese jungle, Sudan savanna, Patagonia, Malagasy and European climate , only Asia is not shown in the Park.

Over the 15 hectares of the Zoological Park, only the 65 meters high rock survived the renovation. Let’s bet that the animal stars will bet Nero the Lion, Tinus the Lamantin, the giraffe family, but also the very successful exotic wildlife of the tropical greenhouse (there are no more elephants because of space limitations ) .

A place that lacked Paris, and offers a wonderful getaway to explore biodiversity and the animal world.

parc zoologique paris

parc zoologique paris


© photos J.Wiels/E.Lacroix

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