Mme Decourcelle, Paris’ first female taxi drivers

It is well known, women had to wait longer in the history to have the same rights as the men ones. If they had the right to vote in France en 1944, the first Paris’ female taxi driver appeared in 1908. 

Before Mrs. Durcoucelle, 3 women began an apprenticeship in 1906 to drive carriage – an exclusively male profession – followed behind them by other women. While most abandoned, especially under pressure from the family, the first coach driver females (Mrs. and Mrs. Dufaut Charnier) appeared in February 1907. A real curiosity for all Parisian !

femmes cochers paris

Already graduated for carriage, Madame Decourcelle will get her taxi licence in 1908, making her the first woman in history to drive a taxi in Paris streets.

photo madame ducourcelle femme taxi

femmes taxis paris photo madame ducourcelle


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History of Madame Decourcelle, first woman driving a taxi in Paris

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