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visiter le magasin a paris

la Maison Deyrolle (Deyrolle’s House), located rue du Bac in the 7th arrondissement, is a unique place in Paris. Specialized in taxidermy and entomology (study and classification of articulated animals, especially insects), this store is both a mecca for collectors and a free museum to all curious visitors and lovers of natural sciences.

maison deyrolle

Describing itself as a “room of curiosities”, you will discover many mammals – including some impressive ones (lion, bear) – stuffed birds, many collections of insects and even more curious objects such as shells, corals and shellfish.

On the ground floor is a  library, Deyrolle also has an activity as editor since its creation. Note that all those educational boards have been decorating French classrooms for many years… 

visiter le magasin a paris

Situated in Rue du Bac since April the 1st, 1888,  Deyrolle received in 2010 the label “Living Heritage Company”, a recognition of its savoir-faire and brand awareness among French heritage. A store as we would like to see more often. Both playful and open to all, and in which we can learn while having fun.

The big difference with a museum is that here we can leave with an object if we really like it. With fees, of course…


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Useful Informations

Maison Deyrolle
46, rue du Bac 75007 Paris

Métro : Rue du Bac (L 12)
Bus : 84, 63, 69, 68, 94, 83



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