6 romantics things to do in Paris

vue du pont, de la seine et de l'institut de France

Yes, Paris is indeed the world capital of romance. Far from love and other clichés padlock, the capital is indeed unparalleled love to offer simple and romantic moments. Walking hand in hand, historic districts or secret gardens, places do not miss to spend two unforgettable. And they are many.

1. Village Saint-Paul and le Marais

Aside from the Seine, which symbolize alone all the romance of Paris, the Marais is perhaps the most enjoyable of Paris for a ride with friends. After crossing its ancient streets steeped in history, and found dozens of mansions that home, enjoy a quiet moment in the unexpected village Saint-Paul.

Isolated in this “village within the city” dedicated to antique shops and designers, you can enjoy peace of a moment two on the terrace of a restaurant.


2. Cemeteries

Yes, cemeteries. Because only Paris is able to offer even within its cemeteries romantic passion. To do this, select the Père Lachaise or Montparnasse Cemetery. In the first, lose yourself in the flowery paths and leaving you the graves of lovers unknown. For more pranks, do not miss the Post-Mortem erection visible on the sculpture of the journalist Victor Black.

The Montparnasse Cemetery, grave of the young Tatiana Rachewskaïa, who committed suicide after an unhappy love affair, and decorated with the statue “The Kiss” of Bracusi, is a hymn to eternal love.

3. Jazz concert

To spend an evening in a medieval cellar driven by the rhythm of Jazz, go to the pretty Galande street in the heart of the Latin Quarter. Every night until 4am, The Tomb of Oubliettes offers free entry programming ranging from jazz to blues to funk. In the Marais, the intimate and warm setting of 38 ‘Riv also offers excellent all week Jams Sessions or jazz concerts.

4. Tango on the Seine

If you like music, but prefer to dance, go to while on the Seine in the garden Tino Rossi. In some arenas of the garden, the Parisians were found to tango until nightfall.

And if you’re just curious, you can just sit on the steps and enjoy the incomparable romantic ambience (From June to September).

5. Hidden gardens

You are a fan of “to live happy, live hidden”? Then you will find something to satisfy you Paris.

In the district of Sèvres-Babylone (7th district), hidden in a dead end, the small square Recamier is ideal for those who wish to live their love in secret. Lawn favorite Chateaubriand in the 19th century, who had accompanied her friend Lady there Recamier is a garden full of romance and poetry. A little further, the garden Catherine Labouré, with fruit trees and flowering pergolas, is a beautiful romantic alternative.

But if you really want to be isolated from the rest of the city, then the garden francs bourgeois roses inside a mansion of the 17th century, is for you.

6. Stroll along the water

For a beautiful original edge of the water and walk hand in hand, raise the Saint-Martin canal from the Republic Square, and walk to the Villette basin.

At the Saint-Martin canal, you’ll find a trendy, very fashionable in Paris. There remains an exquisite charm.

Further, the Canal de l’Ourcq will lead you to the Bassin de la Villette. And changing – – a lesser-known area that deserves to be seen.



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  • Personne ne peut aller en France sans faire le grand tour de Paris, cette capitale pleine de charme, de glamour et de romantisme. Là où se trouvent la plupart des monuments et des musées de France. Une destination internationale et un rêve de tout voyageur sur cette planète.

  • Paris et ses secrets… J’adore 🙂
    Votre site nous permet de sortir des sentiers battus, des habituels lieux touristiques,…
    Merci pour vos belles idées découvertes et vivement dans 1 semaine pour la visite en live 😀

  • |Généralement je n’ai jamais lu des articles entiers mais la façon dont vous avez écrit cette information est tout simplement incroyable et cela a capté mon intérêt tout au long de la lecture et j’ai bien aimé les liens.

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