1910 great flood of Paris

In January 1910, Paris experienced one of its worst Seine’s flooding. Between 18th and 28th of January, half of the city had been flooded, water reaching its highest level on January 28th at the Pont Austerlitz with 8.62 meters on hydrometric scale.

Very important rains, snow, frost and confluences overflows, all the elements were joined at the same time. An exceptional event that will cause damages for more than 200,000 Parisians, and paralyze the capital for weeks. 

Discover in pictures this exceptional flood.



Avenue Daumesnil

crue 1910 paris avenue daumesnil

Avenue Montaigne

crue 1910 paris avenue montaigne

Bois de Boulogne

crue 1910 paris bois de boulogne

Boulevard Diderot

crue 1910 paris boulevard diderot

Boulevard de Grenelle

crue 1910 paris boulevard grenelle

Avenue de Versailles

crue 1910 paris avenue de versailles

Gare de Lyon

crue 1910 paris gare de lyon

visites guidées unjourdeplusaparis

Gare de Lyon

crue 1910 paris gare de lyon 2

Gare Saint-Lazare

crue 1910 paris gare saint lazare

Avenue Ledru-Rollin

crue 1910 paris ledru rollin

Place Beaugrenelle

crue 1910 paris place beaugrenelle

Pont Alexandre III

crue 1910 paris pont alexandre III

Pont de l’Alma

crue 1910 paris pont alma

Pont Neuf

crue 1910 paris pont neuf

Pont de Solférino

crue 1910 paris pont solferino

Rue Saint-Charles

crue 1910 paris rue saint charles

Rue de l’Université

crue 1910 paris rue universite

La Seine

crue 1910 seine paris

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