The Picpus cemetery, one of the most secret in Paris

At 35, rue de Picpus (12th arrondissement), hidden behind a simple wall is one of the most secret cemeteries of Paris. A cemetery that welcomes many fewer visitors than the Pere Lachaise cemetery or the Montmartre, which nevertheless has a great history, closely linked to the French revolution.

In 1794, when the terror reached its peak, the guillotine installed Place de la Concorde and Place de la Bastille, moved June 14 instead of the throne-Reverse, now called Place de la Nation. This fully operational until July 27, decapitating average … 55 people per day.

To bury the bodies pile up, an area located in the nearby village of Findus is purchased, converted into common grave for the 1306 people guillotined during this month macabre …

In 1796, the German princess Amelie de Salm-Kyrbourg, whose brother and German were guillotined instead throne-Reverse, bought the land and a society of families of beheaded was based from 1800 to perpetuate the memory the missing. The Picpus cemetery was born.

Cemetery known primarily to house the tomb of the Marquis de Lafayette, whose wife, Adrienne de Noailles, was a founder of the company that created the cemetery. A necropolis is now one of the few cemeteries of Paris (paid, see relevant information), a place of revolutionary memory hidden garden of Paris!

Useful Informations

Cimetière de Picpus, 35 Rue de Picpus, 75012 Paris
Été : ouvert de 14h à 18h sauf dimanche et jours fériés / Hiver : ouvert de 14h à 16h sauf dimanche et lundi.
Payant (de 2 à 3 euros l'entrée).
Horaires susceptibles d'être modifiés sur décision du cimetière.


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