Masterpieces not to be missed in Paris

When we talk about art masterpieces in Paris, one thinks ineluctably to La Joconde. But apart from the mythical and mysterious Mona Lisa portrait, extraordinary works of art abound in Paris, it is essential to see at least once in his life.

Place Saint Marc – Jacquemart-André

place saint marc canaletto

A Canaletto masterpiece, at Jacquemart-André Museum.

Piano Demi-Queue – Arts Décoratifs

PIANO DEMI QUEUE arts decoratifs

A wonder of the Art Nouveau furniture decorated by Louis Majorelle, visible at the Arts Décoratifs.

Les Nymphéas – L’Orangerie

nympheas orangerie paris

At the Orangerie.

Nu Bleu II – Centre Pompidou

Nu bleu II 1952 pompidou

A work realized by Henri Matisse in 1952.

Les Trois Baigneuses – Petit Palais

les trois baigneuses cezanne

One of many paintings Paul Cézanne dedicated to bathers, visible at the Petit Palais.

Le Penseur – Musée Rodin

le penseur rodin

One of the most famous sculptures by Auguste Rodin, at the Rodin museum.

L’apparition – Musée Gustave Moreau

lapparition gustave moreau

One of the major works of one of the masters of Symbolism, Gustave Moreau.

Herakles Archer – Musée Bourdelle

herakles archer bourdelle

The most famous sculpture by Antoine Bourdelle, at the Musée Bourdelle.

Fée Électricité – Musée d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris

fee electricite dufy

A monumental work of Raoul Dufy,  at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris.

Chevaux de Marly – Le Louvre

cheval marly louvre

Masterpieces of French sculptures, whose original can be seen at the Louvre, while the casts still enthroned Place de la Concorde.

Le Radeau de la Méduse – Le Louvre

radeau de la meduse louvre

A Théodore Géricault painting.

Rebecca – Musée Zadkine

Rebecca ou La grande porteuse d'eau zadkine

Also known as the Great bearer, one of the major works of Ossip Zadkine.

Dame à la Licorne – Musée du Moyen-Âge

tenture dame a la licorne

Composition of six pieces of tapestries dating from the early 16th century, a masterpiece of the French Renaissance visible in the Middle Ages Museum.

Princesse X – Atelier Brancusi

princesse x brancusi

A work that plays with the senses and its ambiguities, by sculptor Constantin Brancusi. Visible in the galleries of the Atelier Brancusi (Centre Pompidou).

Les Raboteurs de parquet – Orsay

raboteurs de parquet orsay

By painter Gustave Caillebotte, visible at the Orsay museum.

Canot Impérial de Napoléon – Musée de la Marine

canot imperial napoleon I

The only boat of this kind still visible, at the Marine Museum.

Impression Soleil Levant – Marmottan-Monet


Painting founder of the Impressionist movement, visible at Marmottan-Monet Museum.

Bouddha Amida – Musée Cernuschi

© Philippe Ladet / Musée Cernuschi / Roger-Viollet
© Philippe Ladet / Musée Cernuschi / Roger-Viollet

An impressive work of more than 4 meters high, visible at the Cernuschi Museum.

L’origine du monde – Orsay

origine du monde paris orsay

One of the most provocative works of art of the 19th century, by Gustave Courbet. Visible at the Orsay Museum.

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