10 secret and intimate places

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As we often mention here, the beauty of Paris and its uniqueness lies in the extraordinary diversity of places you can visit. Once admired the Eiffel Tower or lived a charming Parisian walk along the Seine’s banks, Paris also offers some surprising and secrets places. A real way to discover another Paris.

Jardin AlpiN – ALPINE GARDEn

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Formerly “garden of mountains plants”, the Alpine Garden, nestled in the heart of the magnificent Jardin des Plantes, is the opportunity of an original nature walk in the heart of Paris. A space of discovery and  preservation over 4000 m2.

Open April 1 to October 31

La Chapelle Expiatoire

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Far from Paris’s landmarks, the “Expiatory Chapel” shows one of the darker sides of Paris : the French Revolution and the Terror. Raised in then exact place where Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette had been buried, it is one of the most secret monuments of the capital.

La Petite Ceinture

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Old railway built around Paris in the mid 19th century, The Petite Ceinture (Little Belt Railway) is today turned into garden nice and hidden gardens. Walk in the wild flora in the “nature trails” of the 16th arrondissement, or walk in the middle of the 15th. Another way to see Paris.

Hôtel Dieu

ile de la cité

Oldest hospital in Paris, the Hotel Dieu was repeatedly rebuilt since its founding in 651. Medieval symbol of charity and hospitality, architectural masterpiece ordered by Baron Haussmann in the heart of the Ile de la Cité, it is today a nice break while strolling in the center of Paris

Jardin du Panthéon Bouddhique


In the 16th district, the Pantheon’s Buddhist Japanese Garden is undoubtedly the most Zen area in Paris. A hidden area of ​​450 m2 where giant bamboo stand alongside a pretty small pond garden. And a chance to see the 200 works displayed in the mansion, compiled by Émile Guimet during his trip to Japan in 1876.

Maison Deyrolle


In the district of Sèvres-Babylone, the very old Maison Deyrolle is both a cabinet of curiosity, a museum of Taxidermy and a mecca for collectors. The first floor, displaying an extraordinary collection of animals, is a place that fascinates by its aesthetics and the richness of these objects. Not to be missed.

L’Institut du Monde Arabe


The Arab World Institute is not in itself a secret place in Paris. What it is more is its terrace on the top floor with one of the best views of Paris. An original view of the Marais and Notre-Dame-de-Paris, and a real alternative to the popular Montmartre.

Les Passages Couverts

Noël Le Boyer

Symbol of the architecture of the capital in the early 19th century, and places where the typical “Parisian stroll” had been invented, the Covered Passages are architectural jewels. If 24 of them are left nowadays (there were 137 in 1828), some passages are still unknown. To discover during this walking tour in the covered passages.

Collège des Bernardins

quartier latin

In the Latin Quarter, the College of Bernardine is one of the oldest medieval buildings in Paris. Created in the 13th century to train monks and compete with the University of Paris, it is still a place for debate and knowledge. And one of the most secret Paris’ monuments.

Cimetière Saint-Vincent

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Far from the famous Père Lachaise or Montparnasse Cemetery, St. Vincent Cemetery, nestled on the northern slopes of Montmartre, is a confidential place. Home to famous people as Marcel Ayme, Marcel Carné or Maurice Utrillo, it offers a peaceful moment of calm in the heart of Montmartre.


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